Centre of Tallahassee

Tallahassee Florida

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing


500,000 SF (Total)

The Tallahassee mall was built in 1971 and was a staple of the city for many years. As with the common trend of traditional shopping malls in America, a sharp decrease in patronage and low tenant occupancy caused the site to be neglected and sold to new ownership. Given the proximity of the mall to Tallahassee, and the need for State Department office space, the site was selected for redevelopment. Simes & Rosch provided fast track engineering design services to renovate nearly 500,000 square feet of mall retail space into administration buildings to serve the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Department of Health, and the Department of State. The project was constructed in three phases and was completed in January of 2020. Construction costs for this project exceeded $52 million.